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Sequoia Series

/Sequoia Series

Sequoia Ultra Light

Sequoia Ultra Light synthetic grass is composed of polyethylene field and olive green grass blades and brown polypropylene thatch. This product weighs a light 40 ounces per square yard and makes a great addition to any patio, landscape or commercial property. The oval shaped fibers give this turf a soft texture and stands at 1.25 [...]

Sequoia Light

Sequoia Light synthetic grass features soft pliable oval shaped fibers in both field and olive green tones complimented by a base layered brown thatch. The polyethylene blades stand at 1.50 inches and weighs 50 ounces per square yard. Sequoia Light can handle light to moderate amounts of foot traffic and is a perfect solution for [...]


Sequoia turf showcases elegant field and olive green blade colors coupled with a brown thatch base layer with a total face weight of 80 ounces per square yard. The oval shaped polyethylene fibers give this turf a soft feel and make it ideal for moderate to heavy foot traffic. The grass blades stand at 1.75 [...]